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Friday, September 22, 2006

Get Free Bill Pay Service

If you want a full featured FREE Bill Pay Service, look at AOL. America OnLine (AOL) is restructuring from a membership model to a ad supported model. In doing so, they are making many of their services free to all. Their Bill Manager Plus is a full featured Bill Pay system, integrated with their Email. All you need is an AOL account, which is free too, just go and sign up for one

Here's some of what it will do:
Receive Secure E-Bills from over 4,400 support billers and bankers.
Receive and Pay Bills from your inbox
Automatically Add Bill Due Dates to your calendar
Track Monthly expenditures with easy to read charts.
Spending Alerts -- designed to protect you from fraud.
Credit card and banking alerts enable you to monitor suspicious activity and large transactions
Cell phone minute alerts allow you to avoid monthly-minute overage fees from your cellular provider.

AOL is also offering other free services, including 5GB of storage, free safety and security software, local voicemail, picture storage.

AOL is no longer the stodgy dial-up company with their own weird software. It is definitely bringing on the heat and is offering hard core competition to Yahoo, Google, and MSN. We consumers can only benefit.


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