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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Comcast - Too Little, Too Late

I got a call from a Comcast telemarketer. The call went something like this:

Comcast: Good evening sir, I'd like to tell you about our digital telephone server, that gives you all the long distance you can eat for only $30.00 a month.

Me: Not interested.

Comcast: Sir, how much is your current phone bill?

Me: About $17 a month.

Comcast: And that includes long distance?

Me: No, make it $20 a month all together for phone and long distance.

Comcast: I see, well, we are also offering our broadband internet for an introductory rate of $30 per month. With that....

Me: That's interesting, especially when I called Comcast about 6 months ago and asked them to reduce my rate of $42.95 a month to AT&T's competing DSL rate of $17.99 a month. You folks didn't seem too interested in keeping me as a customer back then. Even your introductory price doesn't come close to my current rate.

If AT&T would give me TV too, I'd be happy to chuck Comcast all together. They charge me $80 a month for cable tv, and unfortunately, I have no other alternative due to HOA rules. I bet that AT&T, whenever they get around to offering TV service, will charge me less than $50 for the same service.

Comcast, you are no longer a monopoly in broadband. You better start competing. Yes, you've got faster pipes, but I don't need the Ferrari speed at the Ferrari price. Most other people don't either, unless they are downloading boatloads of video. I'm perfectly happy at DSL speeds and with my regular old telephone service, with dirt cheap 3rd party long distance at When AT&T provides television, your monopoly on that will be over too!


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