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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Car Buying Experience #4

Decided to check another Chevy dealership for Impalas. Only 4, all silver or gray. Ugh. Didn't even bother asking the sales guy to open any up and just left. While walking out, I noticed that they had at least 20 of every other model Chevy makes, in a wide variety of colors and features.

What's up with Chevrolet? Cobalts, Malibus, Equinoxs, HHRs, etc are everywhere in abundance, but Impalas are scarce, and only in drab colors.

So we packed up and went across the street to the Ford dealership to look at Fusions. Pretty nice. Got in and checked it out. Lots of legroom, even in the backseat when I've got the front seat all the way back. Good size trunk. Nice interior design, and surprise! A nice selection of colors. They had a gorgeous Merlot Red one we took for a test drive. Very nice. Far better than the Five Hundred. I liked it so we went in and talked numbers. They offered me $250 over invoice. I asked for a minute and he went away and I talked with the wife and went over the options included - uh oh! There was a car navigation system on there for $1,650. Ouch! I generally know where I'm going, and even if I don't, I have a good sense of direction. I told the guy that was a deal killer. $500 maybe, but not $1,650.

He said let me show you another car. Drives up a silver one (goddamn silver again) with an ugly interior. Told him no good, we're leaving. He says, just let me check to see if I can find what you want elsewhere. He finds another Merlot Red one, basically the same, but no navigation and sob, no moonroof. OK, the moonroof I can live without. So I buy it sight unseen, because it's supposed to be identical.

Went in the next day to pick up. It has the spoiler, which I didn't really want. What do I do now? I've already signed papers. On the spot, I take a good long look at the spoiler and decide I'll live with it, so I took posession of my shiny new Merlot Red Ford Fusion V6 SEL.

So here's my tip for future car buyers. Do not buy sight unseen based on sales guy's assurance it's identical in every other respect. You MAKE them bring it in so you can look at it or you walk!


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