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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Zoho Applications for Small Groups or Businesses

There's a little known company out there providing a whole host of useful online applications called Zoho. Like Google that offers online word processing and spreadsheet programs, Zoho offers them, and much much more. Their additions include a Presentation program, Wiki, Notebook, Project Management, Database, Planner, polls, tests, and Chat.

But best of all, they offer a CRM application called Zoho CRM. It's an online Customer Relations Manager that is very similar to It's not as polished, but it has virtually all the same functionality.

What I love about Zoho is that all of these programs, including the CRM, are free to use to individuals, small groups or small businesses. It's not until you start signing on 4 or more people to these applications that they start to charge anything. Even the CRM is only $12 per month after you've gone past the first 3 free users. Cheap compared to If you have need of online applications for individuals, small groups or need small business tools, for free or very cheap, check out Zoho. I can't believe they haven't been bought out yet by the likes of Yahoo or Google.

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Anonymous Arvind said...

Thanks a lot for taking note of Zoho and writing about us, Kevin :-)

3/14/2007 5:13 PM


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