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Sunday, April 01, 2007

Cary Buying experience #2

Saturday morning I went to another Chevy dealership looking for the Impala. Got to take a good test drive of one. I liked it quite a lot. Good pick up, smooth ride, nice overall feel, and the interior was roomy and comfortable. The trunk was nice and big. The style was very nice. The only problem was that Chevrolet seems to make about 10 times as many silver, white and black cars then they do the blues and reds. I wanted the Bordeaux Red or my back up was Imperial Blue.

The sales guy was excellent, again very low pressure. He seemed to really want to find me the car I wanted, but only had one that I even half liked the color and interior.

After searching on the computer for other available cars within their sales region, he came up empty. He did offer me $250 over dealer invoice. If I had liked the colors I would have bought it.

But in the end I walked away, mentally making that my backup car if I couldn't find something I liked better.


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