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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Listen to Clark Howard

Clark Howard is a nationally syndicated radio consumer advocate. But he's also so much more. Clark answers caller questions and provides a website at to inform on a range of topics, including current scams and rip-offs, bad companies, how to save money on a variety of things, real estate, investing, taxes, you name it. If it's something consumers deal with involving money or businesses, he has tons of good advice. Best of all, he's not selling you anything. Well, OK, he does write and sell books, but on his radio show, he even tells you to buy them used or find them at a library. Unlike other financial shows (Dave Ramsey), Clark isn't trying to sell you seminars or programs or any other crap. Everything in his books has been advice given on the air, for free!

Clark is responsible for saving me $900 one year by pointing out an alternative cheaper source of a service I use, and by pointing out the Saver's credit, which I had missed on my taxes.

Clark has written several books, and one called Get Clark Smart: The Ultimate Guide to Getting Rich from America's Money-Saving Expert is filled with incredibly wise and useful info on spending and investing your money wisely.

I've had 2 main sources of inspiration and information in my personal finance makeover. Clark Howard is the #1 inspiration. Listen to his radio show. Read that book. Start saving your money and spending it wisely.


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