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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Money Saving Tip #1: Warehouse Clubs Offer Bargains on Services

Are you a member of Costco, Sam's Club, or some other warehouse club. Beyond the merchandise they sell, these clubs also sell great discounted services.

I saved a cool $500 per year on auto insurance with Costco. That's $500 below every other quote I could find after shopping numerous companies and internet broker type sites like Geico, Progressive and others. I also received a $1,200 rebate when buying my home using their Real Estate Agent Services. Just on these 2 services alone I've saved $2,700 over the last 3 years.

These warehouse clubs also offer many other discounted services like film developing, travel services, check printing, car buying, home and auto financing, pharmacies, financial planning, health and dental insurance, phone services, etc. They've established relationships with 3rd party vendors at substantial discounts for their membership. They also offer discounted business services for small businesses, like payroll processing, merchant card processing, insurance, overnight delivery, etc.

Personally, I hate shopping at the warehouse club stores. They are too crowded, and I don't like buying in bulk. But I absolutely love the discounted services they offer!!!


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